March 2, 2017

Giving Your Business that Professional Edge With Hosted PBX

By Admin

Gaining a competitive advantage is what the business world is all about. No matter how small your enterprise, there will be other in your field, and your space, directly competing with you for business.

This is 2017. And, as such, the first port of call for most prospective new customers will be your website, or possibly one of your social media outlets. Either way, these days it’s the norm for people to validate a company by checking out its online standing.

And, what is more, the way people are accessing the internet has also undergone a seriously revolutionary change over the past 5 years or so. Whereas in the past, the most common means for accessing the internet was via a desktop or laptop computer, last year Google confirmed that more internet searches now take place on a mobile or tablet device than they do on traditional PC computers.

Indeed, the whole world has moved online, and the online world has unequivocally gone mobile. And this is a great thing for business, as you will already know. When people are visiting your site on their mobile devices, you will of course be presenting them with the convenient option of a clickable phone number, which will instantly make your business phone(s) start ringing.

But what happens then? If you’re a small business that’s constantly working out in the field, it may not be at all appropriate if your mobile phone starts ringing whilst you’re in the midst of a job or dealing with another customer. Indeed, it may be the case that you use the same phone to take both your personal and business calls.

Whilst this may have seemed like the most convenient solution when you first started up, you will probably have come to the realization that you’re missing a lot of calls and potential business whilst you’re either unable to reach your phone, or perhaps engaged in a call already with your better half.

Of course, most larger businesses won’t ever be faced with this problem, as there will be a dedicated team to handle all client calls and organize the field workers’ schedules accordingly. However, when you’re trying to run the whole show on your own, you’re going to need some help to always stay professional, and not let all those potential customers give up on you over one of your competitors. And the answer lies in a hosted PBX solution.

Giving Your Business that Professional Edge With Hosted PBX

By signing up to a hosted PBX service, you will be accessing a sophisticated phone system that will provide a huge boost to your professionalism, which is particularly useful for a 1-2 person business. Hosted PBX requires no additional hardware or special expert set-up – everything is managed in the cloud by your provider and can be used directly in conjunction with your existing mobile device.

With hosted PBX, you will be able to route several numbers to one phone and access a wide range of professional features and business capabilities that your business need to stay competitive in today’s market.

But, beyond convenience, there are plenty more attributes to a hosted PBX service that will give your small business a professional edge. Here, we list our top 5.

1. Make Your Business Appear Bigger Than It Is

Giving your business the appearance of being a large operation instantly adds credibility, and you can do this quite simply with an auto-attendant feature as part of your hosted PBX solution. An auto-attendant literally works as a virtual receptionist, which can answer and handle calls 24/7, making you always reachable and always open to take enquiries about new business.

2. Creative a Positive Hold Experience For The Customer

No one likes being put on hold, but, when you’re a small business, this is inevitable from time to time. But, you can make the experience a positive one with hosted PBX with professional hold music and ring-back tones that you personally choose to reflect the image of your brand.

3. Call Forwarding

When someone calls your business number, with hosted PBX you can choose which phones ring, be it your mobile, your home phone or the phone in your office. With features like find me/follow me call routing, your phones can be configured to create a list of phones that will ring before the caller gets pushed to voicemail. So, for example, you might have your office phone ring twice, but on the third ring your mobile starts to ring, and then on the fifth your home phone.

4. Call Transfer

With Hosted PBX you can also directly transfer any call that you receive to any other phone number, without having to give this second number away to the caller. For instance, many one person businesses will often have a partner that helps with accounts or billing. If you receive a phone call from a client who wants to discuss these issues, you will be able to simply transfer the call over to your partner’s mobile instantly, without having to ask the customer to hang up and redial a different number.

5. Virtual Switchboard

Even if you’re running your business from your bedroom – or there are 3 of you all running the business from 3 separate bedrooms in 3 separate locations – giving out home numbers is not something that you will be wanting to do. Nor will it be convenient to stick a redirect on your home phone to your mobile whilst you nip across the way to get yourself a sandwich at lunch time. And with hosted PBX you won’t have to. Instead, you get a virtual switchboard that you control, routing calls through to your mobile or the internet phone in your home office. You’ll have full control and you can add extensions as your company grows. No PSTN (public switched telephone network) or ISDN (integrated services digital network) lines, and all the calls within your company are completely free, so you can call your colleagues for nothing – just as if you were in the same office.