July 20, 2018

How to Improve Internal Communications in your Business

By Admin

Mastering internal communications is a cornerstone of any successful business and those companies who get their people talking effectively have a greater chance of success than their less communicative peers.

How many businesses think they have a handle on their internal communications? Our wager would be a lot, but we’d be surprised if it was actually true in the majority of cases. However, making sure your staff can communicate with one another in an efficient and productive way should be a priority for any serious business owner.

Internal miscommunication can lead to lost revenue as key projects become delayed, or derailed entirely, staff morale can be impacted as bad feeling arises from misinterpreted and frustrating conversations, and potential new clients may be put off future business arrangements due to missed communications.

How then can your business ensure your internal communications are running as smoothly as possible?

Cut Down on Written Communications

Written communications can pose a massive issue for businesses. Emails, texts, or other online messaging platforms such as Slack, all have their uses, but they must be employed with care.

Messages can be missed, ignored, or misinterpreted. Without the direct back and forth of a voice to voice conversation, intonation is non-existent, and miscommunication can be rife, as it’s hard to get clarification on unclear points in the moment. Three people can read the same email, and each come away with a completely different idea of what the message was trying to communicate and the mood of the person sending it. Many people tend to default to assuming the sender of a written communication is angry, in lieu of any specific emotional information.

However, it is simply not practical to be constantly meeting up in person to discuss business matters, every time there’s a question or complication. Especially when you consider how many people work from home or other remote workspaces.

A Cloud-Based Communication Solution

One way in which written communications can be cut back on, without losing productivity or efficiency, is with a hosted PBX cloud-communications service. Enterprise-grade business features such as conference calling and interoffice paging, and remote working features such as proprietary smartphone app integration, enable your teams to stay in touch with each other, wherever they happen to be working and whatever they’re doing, without having to rely on written communications.

All a cloud-based communications service needs is a phone, a computer, and an internet connection, meaning that, no-matter where your day takes you, the office can go with you. Plug-and-play hardware also makes setup a matter of simplicity, in any location.

Written communication will always be necessary in business, but with a supported and effective cloud-based communications service, your teams can become more productive and efficient through improved internal communication. Whether you work from a traditional office, from home, or abroad, cloud-based communications can help your business.

If your need a robust and effective cloud-based communications system for your business, net2phone can help with a host of business grade enterprise features as standard.

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