July 14, 2020

Remote Collaboration and Staying Connected to Colleagues and Customers in the “New Normal”

By Admin

The “new normal” is a phrase we’ve been hearing a lot recently and it speaks to, not only how we’ve had to adjust to life under lockdown, but also what we can expect as the world tries to return to some semblance of normality.


One thing the coronavirus lockdown has taught us is that much of our day to day work can indeed be carried out remotely and the need to be physically present in the office is not perhaps as critical as we once assumed.


Of course, all that is dependent on our ability to effectively communicate and collaborate remotely. If there is anything positive to be taken from this situation is that it occurred in the age of technology in which we currently find ourselves.



Digital Communication


For many businesses, having remote communication and collaboration tools in their kitbag used to be something which was considered a nice optional extra – something which would help them differentiate themselves from their competitors. However, these platforms are now becoming an essential component of the new normal.


With a complete digital communications package, businesses can enjoy powerful messaging capabilities which can allow you to talk to individuals, teams, or go company wide, and keep everyone up to speed on the latest developments, without disturbing people for whom the information isn’t relevant. You can text straight to mobiles and tablets using SMS and MMS messaging capabilities, meaning you can stay in touch even when away from the desk/dining table/sofa and keep everyone on point


Website-based live chat can help your customers connect with your brand, without the need to populate a call center or for your customer service representatives to need headsets or other equipment to perform their roles from home. Customers have lots of questions right now and those brands solely relying on understaffed contact centers are struggling to meet this demand. You can even seamlessly hand off a live chat to SMS messaging, empowering your brand to continue the conversation, whatever the situation.



Web Calling


Text makes it hard to communicate nuance or infer emotional intent meaning that sometimes it can be difficult to express yourself over messaging. We’ve all been in situations where a discussion has gotten out of hand due to a text message being badly written or misinterpreted and this can be equally, if not more, catastrophic for business communication as it can be for personal relationships.


Therefore, there are times when only a phone call will suffice and, thankfully, digital technology is here to deliver us once again. With web based calling, your remote staff won’t have to rely on their own smartphones or need any special equipment – beyond a computer and maybe a headset – to get on business calls.


As with messaging, web calling allows calls to be set up for individuals, teams/departments, or company-wide, and will make sure everyone who needs to be privy to a chat can be present and those for whom it’s irrelevant need not waste their time. Call parking, pickup, and waiting can help you juggle multiple conversations at one and presence awareness lets you see who is online at a glance and make sure nobody who needs to be in the call is missing out on important information.



Video Conferencing


Since the onset of lockdown procedures, video conferencing platforms have seen a significant increase in use as people use them to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues. However, it’s important to make sure your chosen platform is one which has been built from the ground up with enterprise applications in mind.


This has led brands such as net2phone to go to work developing their own proprietary video conferencing platforms catering specifically to enterprise users. Though it’s presently still in beta, Huddle already has such great enterprise features as streaming audio, phone dial-in conference options, moderator audio control, participator audio and selection control, guest logins (perfect for when a third-party presence is required), fully secured and password protected meetings, and compatibility with over 30 languages.



Final Thoughts


Remote working is going to be a core component of the “new normal” and businesses need to get the technology in place which is going to best support their staff throughout this period. Providers such as net2phone make things simple by packaging everything you need into a single powerful and flexible platform.


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