June 7, 2018

Upgrade Your Contact Center with These Great Features

By Admin

Everyone has had to deal with a customer service contact center at one time or another, and the experience can come with its fair share of frustrations – both for the staff answering the phones, and for the callers themselves.

However, the last thing you need is for your phone system to be an extra source of aggravation.

Understanding your reception and customer service strategies are critical to meeting both the long- and short-term challenges of contact center communications solutions. However, by providing intuitive information combined with enterprise grade efficient routing measures, net2phone is offering a contact center package designed to solve the day-to-day issues of all business types and environments.

net2phone Contact Centre Solution

Highlights include:

  • Included in all net2phone hosted capabilities
  • Administrative presence panel – Whisper/Barge/Monitor
  • Unlimited supervisors, agents, and queues
  • Live record
  • Agent hold time announcement
  • Agent call wrap-up timing

Routing functions:

  • Skills based routing
  • Estimated time to answer and place in queue
  • Overflow and queue busy announcements

Reporting features:

  • Search calls
  • Calls answered by day and hour
  • Call wait times by day and hour
  • Unanswered calls by day and hour
  • Queue overview and graph summary
  • Individual agent records and statistics


As more and more people take up digital services, the reliance on contact centers to answer their demands and issues is likely to grow even larger. This makes VoIP the ideal solution to make sure your customer service professionals are equipped with all the tools they need to meet these challenges.

As you can see from the above, a VoIP contact center solution from net2phone brings to your organization everything you need to make sure your customer service departments run as smoothly as possible, combined with the reliability and scalability of a cloud-based enterprise communications solution.

net2phone’s bespoke contact center solution combines all the benefits of traditional enterprise communications packages with the modern technology of VoIP.


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