May 22, 2018

Why Hosted PBX Is A Great Idea For Your Business

By Admin

Cloud computing is the great leveler of the digital age. Whereas once upon a time – and really only a few years ago – complicated software packages, endless storage space and professional business telecommunication systems were all the sole reserve of the large corporation, in 2016 such things are available and affordable to even the smallest of businesses. And it’s all because of the cloud.

Indeed, nowhere is this more apparent than with a cloud-based hosted PBX system. Businesses – of any size – can make full, unlimited use of a wide range of enterprise level telephony features, all of which are professional, reliable, and, importantly, accessible at a fraction of the price of what it would cost to have a traditional PBX installed on-site.

What Is Hosted PBX?

The concept of hosted PBX is quite simple – essentially, the service is very similar to a regular phone system, with the exception being that instead of the business managing, maintaining and housing the system on-premise, all of this is taken care of off-site in the cloud by the service provider.

A traditional phone system has a phone number which is tied to a particular location. In this scenario, PBX hardware (i.e. the switchboard) is also required to handle extensions and dictate how your calls are managed.

With hosted telephony, however, the phone number sits in the cloud, which means that it is not tied to any specific location. Calls can be diverted to any landline, mobile or international number, all of which can be easily and instantly changed via an online control panel.

The result is that no matter where you are or where you go, you, and any of your employees, are instantly contactable, giving your business the freedom and agility to always be where you need to (instead of being always tied down to an office desk, as was the necessity of yesteryear). And this is something that is truly useful, if not essential, for the modern-day internet entrepreneur who wants and needs mobility.

3 Further Benefits Of Hosted PBX For Your Business

1. Scalability

Hosted PBX is the absolutely democratizing telephony solution for the modern business. No matter how small you start off, nor how big you become, hosted services are ultimately scalable and flexible, and perfectly adapt to your changing business needs.

With hosted telephony you can quickly and easily add or remove numbers, extensions and services to match your requirements. If the business suddenly takes off, it’s simple to add new staff to your systems as soon as you can hire them, instead of having to wait until you can afford a whole new extension, or even whole new system, with traditional PBX.

2.  Cost Effectiveness

This is perhaps the most attractive aspect of hosted PBX. As your business scales, you only ever pay for what you use, and indeed, a hosted provider will normally be able to offer you cheaper call charges than regular phone providers.

What’s more, there is no initial outlay for PBX hardware, all of which is expensive to buy, maintain, repair and, ultimately, replace. By comparison, hosted PBX comes with zero upfront cost, all maintenance, repairs, updates and replacements are taken care of by the provider, meaning that you can put your savings directly back into growing your business.

3.  Business Continuity

If ever your small business is effected by a disaster – a fire, flood, power outage or anything else – the hosted PBX solution means that you can continue to run your business with no interruptions to your communications.

Since all of the important hardware is hosted off-site, all calls can be very simply and instantly diverted to another landline or mobile if you are unable to access your usual premises. Furthermore, it’s also simple to set up a recorded information message, or send out bulk SMS messages to let staff and clients know what’s going on.