May 2, 2018

Why Law Firms Are Using the Cloud for Their Phone Service

By Admin

In today’s connected world, a phone isn’t just a phone anymore – it’s a high-functioning business tool that can give your law firm a competitive advantage when it comes to client service, collaboration, mobility and billing.

No matter if you have just one attorney, or hundreds, upgrading your firm’s telecommunications to a hosted phone system can make a huge difference to the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations, and improve your bottom line.

Enabling increased flexibility and vastly improved client service – all while realizing significant cost savings – hosted phone systems are packed with communication, collaboration and productivity features that traditional phone services lack.

Here are five hosted phone system features that will give your law firm an edge over the competition.

Easy Access to Voicemail When in Court

Stuck in court and need to check your voicemail? No problem. No matter if your attorneys are at home, in traffic, or indeed at the court house, they can access their voicemails easily, safely and discreetly with a hosted phone system.

Voicemails are sent to email inboxes, so they can be retrieved anytime and anywhere there is a reliable internet or data connection. What’s more, voicemails can also be transcribed to text, so they can be discreetly read instead of listened to, as may be more appropriate in certain situations.

Capture Every Billable Second with Automated Call Logs

A hosted phone system automatically captures every billable second that your attorneys, paralegals and their assistants spend on the phone with clients. This means no one has to remember their call lengths, and more accurate bills can be produced.

Via a centralized desktop dashboard, your business manager can easily review all call logs with unprecedented accuracy, and from there determine precisely who gets billed for what, and who doesn’t.

What’s more, since the phone system resides in the cloud, even mobile calls are logged centrally, so no matter if you’re taking calls on the road, at the court house, or on the golf course, all information is automatically tracked and remembered. The system will even sync with your time tracking and billing software, making accounting and project management even more streamlined and easier to maintain.

Total Mobility

Attorneys, of course, are often out of the office – either at court, meeting with clients, or with opposing council. This can make it a challenge when it comes to reaching them.

But with the mobility offered by a hosted phone system, your staff can work from anywhere and will always be able to stay in direct contact with the office. All calls can be directed to your attorneys’ mobile devices, and messages can be accessed at the touch of a button. If your attorneys aren’t immediately available, voicemails can be left which are then forwarded directly to the attorney’s email – no calls will ever be missed.

Improved Call Conferencing

A hosted phone system allows for unlimited connections, meaning anyone can dial in from anywhere and connect to your conference call.

Just like normal calls, conference calls can be tracked, logged, and even recorded if necessary for future transcription. The recordings can also be exported as .wav or .mp3 files, so that they can be sent, shared and archived with ease.

Virtual Receptionist

A phone call is often a law firm’s first point of contact. Just like any business, your firm will be judged by the first impression it makes – so it’s vital that you get it right.

With a hosted phone system, you can set up an automated attendant and record a professional greeting, which will be the first thing potential clients hear when they call your number. The caller can then choose to be directed to the right department, attorney, or practice area, meaning they will never be kept waiting on the phone, or have their calls dropped because of human error.

To learn more about implementing a hosted phone system at your law firm and the multiple ways it help your business, contact the experts at net2phone today.