December 1, 2020

Power5 Empowers SMB Unified Communication Efforts

By Denise D'Arienzo



While net2phone is becoming more of a mid-market and enterprise unified communications (UC) provider, we can't ignore the SMBs. It's not necessary to talk about how difficult 2020 has been for small businesses because you have felt that already in all aspects of your business. We do need to acknowledge the extra effort the 30.2 million small businesses all across the United States ( put in just to stay afloat this year. If you're reading this, congratulations! You survived 2020. Now is the time to take a moment and look at the bright side by taking in the lessons this year has brought us-- and communication is at the center of those lessons.

Business Communications are Critical

This couldn't be truer! The shift overnight to remote work forced businesses to fast track their digital transformation. Small businesses without the proper infrastructure with heavy on-premise PBX were left scrambling. This massive shift made you and the rest of the 30.2 million small businesses realize that while your employees were forced to work remotely, you still needed to communicate and essentially replicate the business communication cadence as if you and your employees were in person. The question is how to replicate communication habits.


Video Conferencing and Business Phone Systems save SMBs

You quickly learned to adapt to video conferencing, and chances are, the video conferencing tool you have is different from your business phone systems provider. This comes down to negotiating two deals with two different communication providers, which is double the effort. You already strapped for time, and even just writing this drains me. Here's the truth. We've all been there at some point in our careers, and we didn't like it either. 


Power5-- Simplifying how businesses communicate with unified communications 

Unified communications is exactly what it sounds like. It's taking all your communications tools and simplifying them in a way that just makes sense. We don't typically announce deals like this, but we made an exception simply because we're in the season of giving and building up our fellow neighbor. And while we may be miles apart, it doesn't have to feel like that...especially now with our Power5 offering.


Power5 is a business phone system and unified communications offering for small businesses. For a limited time, we will be offering this crazy good deal to new SMB customers only. Sign a 36-month agreement, and five users get:


There is a minimum of five seats, but you can add additional "power seats" as your team grows. If you want pricing, contact us for a free quote. We're ensuring that you will have a true unified communications experience by bundling hosted voice, video conferencing, efax, a free desk phone, and other features small businesses need to communicate internally and externally with prospects and customers.


We'll end with this. You are the veins of our economy, and net2phone wants to empower you to grow, so you're not a small business forever. The way to grow is to communicate with your customers wherever they are, and you can do that with our business communication services. You also have to be agile-- an important lesson we all learned this year. Employees should be equipped to work remotely as we navigate the unknown moving forward.

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